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We provide professional pet grooming services from well-trained and certified groomers. Get the pet stylists to come to your doorsteps for a hassle-free experience.

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and you deserve peace of mind
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Your pet deserves to be pampered!

Bath or Shower

Hands-On Pet Assessment

Safe Drying

What Our Happy Clients Say


“Amazing service@trendivpawsonwheels”



“It was the most convenient and amazing spa day for my pups! Would definitely recommend it to all pet parents ❤️❤️

- @thesiddharthnigam

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“@trendypawsonwheels Thank youuuuu For always taking good care of my mieko"

- @shetty.kritika

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Don't cancel your plans because of your pet.

If you have planned vacation, birthday party or weekend trip then you don't have to cancel them because of your pet!

We understand that in today’s ever busy and fast pace world, it can be exhausting to take care of pets. People barely get a day off and still have to utilise it by "Scrubbing the bummies of their paw buddies.

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Your lovely Dog

Our team of professional groomers help you to make your dog look fresh, stylish and cute. We cater to needs of all dog breed.

If you have questions about our service, please contact us and we will answer all your questions.

Trendy Paws is a Door to Door Grooming Services Company for your Fur Babies

We love your pets as you do and we make them happy

Your lovely cat 

We can style her in a way that is both attractive and elegant.

Cats are elegant and forever to be kept that way.

Give your fur baby the treat of a fresh spa and grooming.

Why trust professionals

We love your pets as you do and we make them happy

Great for your pet

Great for you

Trust and safety

  • Personal care and attention
  • Feels happy and loved
  • On Call Assistance
  • You have more free time
  • Avoid Risk in Transit
  • Hassle Free
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Happy Clients

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Siddharth Nigam
Monica Nigam
Krishna Tiwari
Malvika Raaj
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