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Abstract The Art Of Design Descargar Español

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Love 3D abstract art as much as I do These 16 abstract designs create a unique composition using shapes, form, and gestural marks. I love how Rutger Paulusse takes advantage of translucency, lighting, and gradients to create a unique design language. His artwork creates a playful and surreal universe, coming to life on any screen you apply the backgrounds on.

Shapes serve as the foundation for a strong design, whether painting a basic or complex artwork. These 12 wallpapers by Google use abstract shapes along with a wide range of colors to establish a modern, clean, and minimal aesthetic for your desktop.

For designers today, abstract art is a term that encompasses a huge range of different styles and artistic approaches. Generally, however, all aspire to represent creativity, visuality, and artistic expression in a non-realist way.

Many significant graphic design movements, such as the Swiss Style of the 1950s, the 1980s Memphis Style, and 1990s Minimalism, took their cues from the world of abstract art. Geometric forms, minimal layouts, and bold colors are all hallmark traits.

Over the course of the 20th Century, graphic design consistently looked to abstract art styles to inform commercial work for posters, magazines, packaging, and branding. Why does abstract art hold such appeal for designers

Firstly, abstract art is incredibly versatile. Because actual objects or people are not featured in abstract imagery, designers can apply these styles of images to a wide range of projects. Abstraction places the focus on the visual mood and personality of the image rather than the realist content. So, the designer can give a design a certain look and feel through the manipulation of color, form, and pattern, while retaining a neutrality in the design.

Secondly, abstract images are psychologically powerful. A number of studies have found that abstract art can have significant emotional effects on the viewer, perhaps in part because abstraction frees the brain from the dominance of reality. A 2012 study made a direct connection between looking at abstract art and feelings of pleasure. With this in mind, savvy designers and brands can use abstract images to manipulate the mood of a viewer, and even increase the likelihood of a product being purchased.

Below, discover the ten abstract art styles designers consistently depend on for injecting creativity, beauty, and interest into commercial projects, and our edit of the best images to experiment with for packaging, web design, and print projects.

Even flat designs will benefit from 3D textures and relief images inspired by Hepworth and her contemporaries. Perfect for adding dynamism and a luxurious edge to backgrounds, check out our edit of the best abstract relief images.

Looking for inspiration You're in the right place. GraphicSprings offers a wide selection of abstract templates and symbols like square, circle, triangle, round, cube, hexagon and arrow shapes for your art logo needs. Our high quality, vector format abstract logo designs are perfect for artists, painters, musicians, and so much more. Use our logo editor to experiment with the abstract images below and find your perfect logo today.

Absolutely! Our easy-to-use logo editor is designed for users of all skill levels, so anyone can create a beautiful abstract logo. Plus, our team of designers is always here to help if you need any assistance along the way.

The free abstract PowerPoint Templates under this category can help you to make awesome presentation designs with modern backgrounds. Use the abstract backgrounds and presentation themes to produce high-quality and impactful presentations that wow your audience.

Aside of being used for presentations, the abstract PowerPoint templates can also be used as wallpapers or backgrounds for other purposes. Imagine using one of the brilliant background designs as a system wallpaper or part of a digital signage display. 1e1e36bf2d


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