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Engagement ring: right or left?

First, regardless of the way your country handles the issue of ring wear you are free to choose how you wear your rings. Wedding ceremonies can be beautiful and offer guidance but they shouldn't restrict your choices.

Engagement Ring left or right?

Tradition in Germany

In Germany the wedding ring is worn on the ring finger of the right hand since it is believed to be the "righteous". The engagement ring is usually worn on the left. In Austria, Norway and Sweden, Russia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, and Bulgaria these are the most popular ways to wear it.

Do you wish to wear your wedding engagement ring and proposal ring on the exact same finger? In recent years, adding an engagement rings as a side-ring for the wedding band following the wedding is becoming more popular in the United America. If you want to have this combination or desired, the proposal ring is transferred from the left hand to the right hand, and then on to the wedding band following the wedding, or it can be worn from the beginning. This is particularly useful when there is a slight variation in the circumference of the fingers on both hands.

The importance of wearing your engagement rings to the left

In most countries, such as Spain and Italy, France, Switzerland and the Netherlands the wedding ring is usually worn on the left side, to the side of your heart. The engagement ring is typically placed on the left hand following the wedding. The ancient Egyptians and ancients had a custom when wearing the ring they believed that the "vena amoris" or "veins of love" that flowed directly from the left ring to the heart. The ring worn on this finger was associated with an important symbolic meaning.

Many brides and grooms opt for the left hand for reasons that are less romantic. For those who use their right hand frequently in their daily activities and activities, a wedding ring on the left hand could be less troublesome and wear marks on the precious metal are reduced.

The wedding rings of 2024 are trending at Fischer The 2024 wedding rings trends at Fischer include: Individuality and character

Wedding rings this year reflect two key trends: individuality and personality. More couples are opting for rings that are distinctive and not "off-the-shelf".

As a top manufacturer of wedding rings, Fischer Wedding Rings recognized the trend and developed the exclusive new alloy of gold called caramel. This unique golden hue is a tribute to the color and essence of caramel. It gives wedding rings a sophisticated appearance. Its soft shimmer is reminiscent of the golden glow of an afternoon when the gentle light of the sun illuminated the world. This makes the caramel gold a wonderful option for jewelry, and particularly wedding rings.

Soul Band model

The Fischer Soul Band wedding band model blends different wedding bands with different surfaces to create a unique piece of jewelry. This masterpiece is a symbol of harmony and connection, and perfectly captures the trend of 2024.

Model Dune Shine

The ring, which is hand-crafted, is known as Dune Shine, and it is stunning on its surface. The ladies' ring features five diamonds set in a stunning manner (total 0.03ct. G/si) to emphasize its beauty and majesty.

Personalised engraving

Wedding rings made of caramel-gold are more personal only when they are personalized. The bride and the groom can select from a range of engravings such as a QR code that will take them to their website, an love poem or a fingerprint on the ring of their spouse or the music to the song they sing, the coordinates of their first date, or any other engraving.

Rings can be put together in a variety of ways.

Konfischerator is the online ring configurator from Fischer. It provides almost endless possibilities to implement your personal ideas. The Konfischerator lets you realize your wedding ring ideas in a unique manner, with a variety of design options. It's up to you whether you would like to set it up online as a couple, or work with a configurator partner who can offer you expert guidance. With the configurator, you will be able to quickly and easily get your wedding rings!


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