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Denna Movie Download ^NEW^ In Mp4

A 3-dimensional visualization of the Millennium Simulation. The movie shows a journey through the simulated universe. On the way, we visit a rich cluster of galaxies and fly around it. During the two minutes of the movie, we travel a distance for which light would need more than 2.4 billion years.

Denna movie download in mp4

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The movies below shows the dark matter distribution in the universe at the present time, based on the Millennium Simulation, the largest N-body simulation carried out thus far (more than 1010 particles). By zooming in on a massive cluster of galaxies, the movie highlights the morphology of the structure on different scales, and the large dynamic range of the simulation (105 per dimension in 3D). The zoom extends from scales of several Gpc down to resolved substructures as small as 10 kpc.

Together with a paper by Croton et al. (2005), a first setof semi-analytic catalogues has been made available. Followthis linkfor a download page. In these catalogues, galaxy magnitudes are available in both BVRIK (Vega) or ugriz (ABSDSS) filters. The catalogues only include galaxies above ourmagnitude completeness limit (-17.4 in r (SDSS) and -16.4 in B), for atotal of about 9 million galaxies in the full simulation box (500Mpc/h on a side). The galaxies are stored as either a binary structure(620 Mb, IDL script available) or in ASCII format (980 Mb). A "mini"version of the catalogue is also available for testing purposes (

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Section 6.6. Extra movie 1 (not in the paper);Same conditions as in the Sec 6.6 movie, but alpha is 1/10000, i.e., the planner focus more on searching for new targets, than re-discover known targets.


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