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What is Handicap Betting? How to Calculate Winnings?

Handicap betting, commonly known as kick off odds, is a unique type of bet that many newcomers are curious about. While beginners may be less familiar, seasoned players often find it straightforward and lucrative. Let's delve into this intriguing form of betting with 79King!

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What is Handicap Betting? In football best free soccer prediction handicap betting is also referred to as kick off odds. This type of bet requires players to predict which team will kick off first at the start of a match, and they can place their bet accordingly.

How Handicap Betting Works Handicap betting is settled very quickly, right from the first minute of the match. The result is determined immediately, and this type of bet is usually considered a side bet. If a match is postponed after the kick off, bets remain valid and unchanged.

Handicap betting is designed to enhance excitement for players. It's fast-paced, providing quick results without the need to wait for the full 90 minutes. Due to its speed and excitement, it's highly favored by bettors.

If you enjoy sports betting but prefer quick decisions, consider opting for simpler bets like handicap betting. It requires less contemplation compared to other types of bets.

How to Participate in Handicap Betting Currently, only leading online bookmakers offer handicap betting. If you don't have an account with an online bookmaker yet, it's best to choose a reputable one like 79King to ensure secure and swift bonus payouts.

To participate in handicap betting, you must place your bet once the match begins. The outcome is determined as soon as the referee blows the starting whistle. During the bookmaker's opening odds phase, follow these steps carefully:

Choose the team you predict will kick off first.

Place your bet and confirm the betting slip.

Upon receiving a "Successful" notification, your betting slip is accepted. Remember these important rules:

Once the match officially starts, bets cannot be placed. Therefore, timing is crucial when participating in this type of bet to avoid being listed under "Invalid Bets."

It's advisable to place bets at least 4 to 5 hours before the match begins.

If a football match is canceled before kick off, the bet is considered "invalid," and your stake will be refunded.

However, if the match starts but is canceled before the end of 90 minutes, the betting slip remains valid and the result is considered legitimate.

Any changes in schedule, location, or time will render the betting slip "invalid."

Executing Handicap Betting Calculations With this type of bet, you have two choices: betting on the away team or the home team, resulting in a 50/50 chance of winning. However, the odds for each choice may vary. Despite any slight differences, the home team typically has lower odds due to their advantage in initiating the kick off.

If you choose incorrectly, you lose your initial bet amount:

Losing amount for handicap betting = Initial bet amount

If Man United kicks off first: You receive $100 x 2.10 = $210. Of which $110 is profit and $100 is the initial stake.

Looking for high-quality insights to boost your soccer betting strategy? Here are some free premium soccer tips matches that might help you make informed decisions:

Form and Momentum: Consider teams that are currently in good form and have momentum on their side. This often indicates confidence and consistency in performance.

Key Player Impact: Assess the impact of key players who are fit and in form. Players with exceptional skills or goal-scoring abilities can heavily influence match outcomes.

Managerial Tactics: Analyze the tactical approach of teams and their managers. Some coaches are known for their strategic prowess, which can be a decisive factor in tight matches.

Set-Piece Specialists: Teams proficient in set-pieces (corners, free kicks) can capitalize on these opportunities to score goals, especially against defensively weaker opponents.

Motivation and Stakes: Consider the motivation levels of teams, especially in cup finals, relegation battles, or title races. Teams with higher stakes often show greater determination to win.

Head-to-Head Records: Review historical matchups between teams. Certain teams may have a psychological edge or tactical advantage over their opponents based on past encounters.

Market Trends: Monitor betting market movements and trends. Sudden shifts in odds or betting patterns can sometimes indicate insider knowledge or significant developments.

Rest and Rotation: Be aware of teams' schedules and any recent rest or rotation of players. Fatigue or squad changes can impact performance, especially in congested fixture periods.

Remember, these tips are designed to enhance your betting strategy. Always gamble responsibly and consider using them as part of your broader analysis. Best of luck with your soccer bets today!


Above are the answers to the questions "What is handicap betting?" and "How are winnings calculated?" We hope these insights help you better understand betting types and choose the most suitable betting strategy for yourself.

For those looking to elevate their best premium soccer tips experience, investing in the best premium soccer tips can be a game-changer. Premium tips are crafted by seasoned analysts and experts who meticulously study team dynamics, player performance, tactical formations, and historical data to provide accurate predictions and insights. Subscribers to premium soccer tip services gain access to a wealth of information that includes detailed match previews, injury updates, and insider perspectives, all aimed at enhancing their betting strategy. The value of premium tips lies not only in their predictive accuracy but also in the strategic advice offered, helping bettors make informed decisions and potentially increase their profitability. While premium services often come at a cost, the investment is justified by the quality of information provided, offering a competitive edge in the unpredictable world of soccer betting


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