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How To Convert Torrent Files Into IDM Direct Download Links With... !!EXCLUSIVE!!

How To Convert Torrent Files Into IDM Direct Download Links With... --->

How To Convert Torrent Files Into IDM Direct Download Links With... !!EXCLUSIVE!!

Zbigz is undoubtedly best torrent caching site which you can use currently. There are two versions of Zbigz. First one is free and Second one is paid which requires paid premium account. Though, Zbigz premium account is available on our site for free which you can get from here. In other words, you can say that downloading torrent files with IDM is easy by Zbigz or you can say it is easiest torrent to idm method.

Boxopus is one of best torrent caching site which upload your torrent files on their private servers which provide high speed downloads. Best part of this torrent caching site is that, it provides all its services for free unlike to other torrent caching sites like Zbigz , ByteBX.

PutDrive also provides you direct download link of torrent file. But, it has some limitations like you can not download file whose size is larger than 10 GB. But, users who want to download their favourite movies, songs which are of small size can use this site without any kind of problem for torrent to idm.

Torrent is the most familiar thing for everyone and there is an increase in torrent sites. While many would choose to uTorrent with the help of a VPN, many people ask about how to download a torrent file with IDM or using IDM to download torrents or how to convert torrent to IDM or convert magnet link to IDM.

Most people want to download movies, games, software and any other thing from torrents itself because of the speeds they provide and we can literally find anything on the torrents. With the increase in the technology and usage of cloud, there are many ways through which you can download torrent files with IDM.

Downloading torrent files with IDM will increase download speed up to 5 times faster than downloading torrents with a torrent client because of the unique features of IDM. IDM will download a file by breaking it into a number of pieces of files and download them simultaneously instead of downloading a single file.

Downloading a torrent file with seedr is very easy. Just download the torrent file or copy the magnet link and just use that in Seedr. It will convert that torrent to a direct download link and you can then download that file with IDM.

Zbigz is the best site to download torrents with IDM (Internet Download Manager), which offers both free and premium options and this is the only site where you can download torrent files of 1 GB maximum as a free member with 150 Kbps whereas premium users are able to download unlimited files with unlimited download speeds.

FileStream became the best site these days to download torrents with IDM and also there is the extra benefit of storing any files in the cloud for free. The best thing about FileStream is you can download files up to 1GB as a free user as well as store the downloaded files for up to 300 GB. Your can torrent to IDM from FileStream and then download the file directly to your PC/laptop

You need to log in with Facebook in order to download torrent files of size up to 1 GB and if you sign in with any other method then your max file size for downloading will be 300MB. So, do remember while signing up.

Boxopus is another site where you can download torrent files in IDM by using a torrent file or using the torrent magnetic link. Some torrent sites only offer magnetic links rather than giving the option to download the torrent file. So, in this case, boxopos will be very useful and the best thing about Boxopus is that you can directly save your file to your Dropbox account.

ByteBx is another site to download torrents with IDM. It is simple to use and it has a free plan that has a storage capacity of 2.5GB and you can download files of size max 100MB with the free plan and the download speeds will be 100Kbps.

PutDrive is another good option to download torrents with IDM but has only premium plans and you can download files anonymously. So, no need to use a VPN for downloading as your IP


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