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Laura Sex Scene Linney !!INSTALL!!

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Laura Linney tells Dave Davies about filming sex scenes in the HBO series John Adams, in which she played Abigail Adams (opposite Paul Giamatti as the 2nd president):

Although Hollywood actresses have never been slow to take their tops off, they have seemed less keen than their European cousins when it comes to stripping completely. But Laura Linney, star of films as varied as Congo, The Truman Show and The House of Mirth, earns the dubious distinction in her latest movie of appearing not only in a full-frontal nude scene, but doing it with a plastic bag over her head.

Jason Bateman and Laura Linney have been playing a fictional married couple for three years. Their playful flirting and an awkward incident while filming a sex scene created sexual tension between them that they never acted on...until they filmed the last season in 2020. Both are grateful to be working again and are enjoying not being cooped up with their families for months on end. They make a deal that their affair has an expiration date, but will they be able to stick to it

Julie Walters plays her part well, as can be expected from such an experienced and praised actress. She tends to take over all her scenes, but that is being true to her character Evie, who herself is an actress who tends to be the center of attention.

Sex/Nudity: 2 scenes of nudity; 1 sex scene; 4 incidents of innuendo. Violence: 19 scenes, including brutal murder, suicide, and spousal abuse. Profanity: 37 mainly harsh expressions. Drugs: 5 with smoking, 3 with drinking.

Sex/Nudity: 1 sex scene, no nudity, 5 verbal references. Violence: 6 extremely gory scenes including murder and suicide. Profanity: 23 mainly harsh expressions. Drugs: 17 scenes with smoking, 5 with drinking

Sex/Nudity: 3 scenes, including nudity. Violence: 5 scenes, not terribly graphic. Profanity: 13 expressions both harsh and mild. Drugs: 9 scenes with smoking, 3 with drinking, and 4 scenes with drugs.

Sex/Nudity: 2 scenes with nudity. 1 incident of innuendo. Violence: 23 brutal scenes including amputation and boxing matches. Profanity: 171 mostly harsh expressions. Drugs: 5 scenes with smoking, 3 with drinking.

The Fifth Annual Marchand Lecture will be delivered on Friday, 8 October 2004, at the University of Delaware, by Romulus Linney, author of the drama 'Childe Byron.' Some readers will recall that he and his actress daughter, Laura Linney, read a scene from this play at the 1988 Hofstra Conference celebrating the bicentennial of Byron's birth.

10:08 p.m. Best Miniseries Writing goes to Julian Fellowes of "Downton Abbey."10:16 p.m. Supporting Actress in a Miniseries goes to Maggie Smith of "Downton Abbey."10:18 p.m. Supporting Actor in a Miniseries goes to Barry Pepper, who played Bobby Kennedy in "The Kennedys."10:21 p.m. Brian Percival wins Best Directing in a Miniseries -- "Downton Abbey" makes it three out of four.10:23 p.m. Among this years "In Memoriam" honorees: Elizabeth Taylor, Barbara Billingsley, Leslie Nielsen, Ryan Dunn, Frank "Uncle Frank" Potenza, Jill Clayburgh, Jack LaLanne, Laura Ziskin.10:34 p.m. Not sure why we broke from miniseries accolades to do the In Memoriam, but we're back -- and Guy Pearce wins Best Lead Actor in a Miniseries for "Mildred Pierce." Pearce thanks Kate Winslet, with whom he makes it clear he enjoyed having sex scenes -- and to his real-life wife, Kate, for patiently listening to him talk about that.10:37 p.m. His sex-scene cohort Winslet takes Best Lead Actress in a Miniseries for "Pierce." She dedicates the Emmy to her mom: "No matter how old you get, you never stop needing your mum."10:45 p.m. "Downton Abbey" scores Best Miniseries, and we're done with this category. But considering it took up the last 37 minutes, Hollywood needs to do a better job making relevant miniseries and promoting them to the general viewing public.10:48 p.m. The Academy wasn't interested in shaking things up for Best Drama Series this year: "Mad Men" wins yet again. Show creator Matthew We


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