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Welcome To The New DPReview Analog Forum!: Digital Photography Review VERIFIED

Welcome To The New DPReview Analog Forum!: Digital Photography Review --->

In recent years, as film photography and traditional processes have been enjoying something of a resurgence, we've been working to expand our coverage. As part of that effort, we're pleased to announce the launch of a dedicated forum for discussion of film photography and all things analog.

It's all just photography, at the end of the day. The core of our content will continue to be camera news and reviews, and the vast majority of new cameras released will continue to be digital, so don't worry - the sky isn't falling in quite yet.

dpreview makes this comparison overly complicated, it's ultimately all about the size, the rest is important in use but is irrelevant as a factor in choosing between the two. At some point I had original X100 and GR (i.e. digital APS-C GR1), and you really can't compare the two: both are very good cameras but both are very different, and imho the 40mm in GR3x does not even make them more comparable, so it's still apples and oranges! I ultimately stayed with GR for the simple reason that it fits in the pocket, and would do it again no matter how much I like a new X100(stfvx...) unless it suddenly becomes 2x smaller and learns to retract the lens... But of course it's better to have both if you can afford - they are among the best fixed-lens cameras ever made.

DPReview has become one of the best online forums for everything related to digital photography. Digital Photography Review has tonnes of articles, reviews, how-tos on all aspects of digital photography. If there is one website that you want to refer before you make any purchase of digital cameras or any other photography equipment, you are sure to find detailed product reviews, being guides and user discussion forums on this website.

DPS is possibly the top photography learning website for the new age of digital photography. There are a lot of photography tips and tricks, how-to articles, tutorials, and guides on all aspects of digital photography and post-processing. DPS features extremely active photography forums as well.

Photography talk is a great digital photography community to find how to articles, e-books, and other guides. The site also has a place for forums for discussions. The forum is well designed and divided into categories like gear reviews, photography tips, galleries, editing, etc.

PopPhoto is buzzing with news on best photography workshops, contest, and events. It also has detailed reviews of the latest photography gadgets, cameras and lenses tested by photographers. Based on its reviews, this forum site also features a buying guide for photographers where it features recommendations on photography gear that it has tested.

"Thoughts R Us: It's simple. There's seems to be a deliberate strategy by Sony to denigrate other brands on social media and forums. Everyone notices that only the Sony folks are so aggressive in putting down other brands." -q-a-with-dpreview-editors-about-the-canon-eos-rpcomment=3753250869

This forum is all about Photography and Digital Photography. It currently has 151,631 registered users, an average of about 1,500 to 2,000 daily users and 2,847,185 total posts. The forum is divided into many categories, such as for beginners, contests, galleries (for showcasing works), and other topic-specific forums such as for camera brands, analog/film photography, and much more. The site administrator is dascrow with groups of moderators as well.

As a regular visitor on dpreviewand(digital) camera expert among my circle of friends and family, I foundthat the samequestions kept coming up over and over again. I wasn't aware of asingleresource that answered many of these questions, so I started creatingthisFAQ. It has taken a good bit of my spare time, but I find that it hasserved a useful purpose of helping me organize both my thoughts and mylinks. Hopefully, it will be useful to you too.

In the most general sense, almost all of the knowledge herecomes fromthings I've learned from scouring the web for the pas


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